Walter Keller

Dave Elstun

The Amazing Dave has performed at hundreds of birthday parties and in many other family venues. Dave toured elementary schools with the AAA Auto club for 6 seasons, appearing before 200,000 children per year!


Julie Keller

Matthew Brandt

Matthew C. Brandt has been performing magic for 10 years. In that time Matt has been amazing audiences large and small with his unique style of magic while making them laugh with his odd sense of humor. Matt loves sleight of hand using ordinary objects as well as small woodland creatures.  He also knows pi to 147 places. 


Stephanie Bruce

Trevor Huster

Hello. My name is Trevor Huster. I have been a professional musician and entertainer for over 20 years. I have been producing and recording music for over 15 years. Along with the ease, confidence and experience of a time-tested professional, my musical and improv-acting abilities allow me to guide and entertain any crowd through any event and any situation.


Sara Kerlin

Elizabeth Gallegos


Gwenealle Buzick

Miss Gwenealle Buzick is a local Colorado pinup-girl and performer ready to share her passion for singing, acting and dancing with the world! She has competed in the 1940’s ball pinup competition the past three years and is a part of “Pin-Ups for Charity.”

Matt Vander Meulen